New trends in materials science
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Assing S.p.A is a leader in Italy in delivering high technology solutions and products for Industry and Research. Competences range from design to high technology infrastructure; from the identification of the appropriate analytical techniques to the provision of related systems; from technical-scientific consulting to the organization of training courses.
Special attention has always been given to the nanotechnology.

Assing can propose observation, analysis and process instruments such as: electronic microscopes, X-ray microscopes, dual beam systems (Tescan – Orsay), a wide range of diffraction and X-ray fluorescence equipment (Rigaku), Electronic lithography systems (Crestec), atomic force microscopies, optical and stylus profilometers (BRUKER Nano Surfaces), XPS, TOF SIMS, AUGER (PHi), in-situ characterization (Protochips), nanomanipulators (Imina).
Assing, designs, realizes and validates clean rooms for research laboratories and production areas and cell-factories.
Thanks to its know-how, is able to offer a Global Solution to the various customer requests, as a partner, providing all means and services necessary to carry out its activities.
The Company also plays an active role in Research, participating in several projects, both nationally and internationally, aimed at developing new technologies.

Gambetti Kenologia è presente nel mercato della caratterizzazione superficiale, della micro e nano fabbricazione, dei sistemi di trattamento delle superfici e della componentistica per vuoto ed ultravuoto da quasi 4 decenni.
Dalla nostra creazione, abbiamo intrapreso un cammino di selezione dei migliori partner internazionali per introdurre nel mercato italiano tecniche e tecnologie all’avanguardia.
La nostra è ormai una presenza solida e consolidata che garantisce una consulenza tecnica, una vastità di soluzioni e prodotti ed un servizio di assistenza pre e post vendita di altissimo profilo.

La nostra filosofia di ricerca costante di prodotti innovativi ci ha permesso di creare nuove importanti collaborazioni e sinergie con aziende quali Polyteknik, Heidelberg, Osiris nano, Molecular Vista, ForgeNano e Park Systems.
Siamo quindi lieti di proporre questi nuovi strumenti e sistemi in aggiunta ai nostri partner storici, tra cui MKS Instruments, KLA, OIPT ed altri ancora.

JEOL is a leading global supplier of scientific instruments used for research and development in the fields of nanotechnology, life sciences, optical communication, forensics, and biotechnology.
Utilizing its unique technologies, products, services, and knowledge, JEOL helps its customers make significant breakthroughs in product development and scientific research.
JEOL products range from scientific instrumentation to industrial equipment including Scanning electron microscopes (SEM), Transmission electron microscopes (TEM), Auger micro probe analyzers (AES), Electron probe micro analyzers (EPMA), Photoelectron spectrometers (XPS), Mass spectrometersNMR spectrometers, Electron spin resonance (EPR), and semiconductor tools.
JEOL (ITALIA) S.p.A. ensure both commercial and service assistance of JEOL instruments installed on the Italian territory thanks to highly organized and specialized structure.

ALFATESTLab is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that provides analysis services worldwide, based on a unique set of analytical techniques, complementary to each other.

At ALFATESTlab we are experts in particles and materials characterization. Our specialists benefit from a 30 years’ experience in physical characterization techniques for powders and liquid dispersions.

Whatever your industry, our in-depth knowledge of the analytical techniques and our wide experience on any kind of material allow us to understand your analytical needs, retrieve the answers you are seeking for and deliver results you can trust.

Our experts are available for single analysis as for analytical method development, method validation and method transfer, research contracts, industrial trouble-shooting, advanced training or workshops on analytical techniques present in our laboratory.

PANalytical provides solutions for highly reliable and robust chemical and structural analysis of a wide variety of materials. The combination of our software and instrumentation, based on X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray scattering, X-ray fluorescence (XRF), near-infrared (NIR) and pulsed fast thermal neutron activation (PFTNA), provides our customers with elemental and structural information on their materials. With our global presence, expertise and unmatched support organization we help customers characterize materials in every industry segment, applications and materials research areas.

Our systems range from laboratory instruments and on-line analyzers to completely automated laboratories for the metals and mining industries.Currently we are the only analytical X-ray equipment supplier with own in-house development and manufacture of the X-ray tubes, basis of the best performance. We have over 1000 dedicated employees, are present in all countries of the world, hold more than 250 patents and have research centers in Almelo and Eindhoven, the Netherlands and on the campus of the University of Sussex (UK).

Our fully equipped application laboratories are established also in Japan, China, the United States, Brazil. Since 1 January 2017 PANalytical has merged its activities with Malvern Instruments. We continue to be coitted to leadership and innovation, customer satisfaction, safety, environmental health, ethical standards, integrity, fairness, trust and mutual respect.

MP Strumenti nasce nel 2003 come distributore su territorio nazionale di strumenti scientifici sia per la ricerca che per il controllo qualità in ambito accademico ed industriale.
Forte dell’esperienza ventennale maturata dal management nella ricerca e nell’analisi dei materiali, MP Strumenti si avvale della collaborazione di un team che porta con se un ricco background scientifico e una provata competenza nella caratterizzazione dei materiali; esperienza perfezionata sia in ambiti universitari sia in centri di ricerca di autorevoli multinazionali.
Le divisioni:
MP Strumenti – strumentazioni da laboratorio e accessori
MP Service – supporto tecnico, calibrazione, manutenzione, tarature, training
MP Soluzioni – consulenza su materiali, processi, strumenti, gestione problematiche, misurazioni conto terzi, formazione.
La professionalità dei collaboratori e la sofisticata strumentazione di MP Strumenti, guidano il cliente, nella scelta di servizi e prodotti, seguendolo in ogni passo al fine di ottimizzare ogni investimento e ottenere, nel breve periodo, risultati economici interessanti, senza inutili perdite di tempo.
“Siamo convinti che la caratterizzazione dei materiali e la scelta intelligente di soluzioni innovative possano tradursi in vantaggi competitivi e risparmi economici”.
Consideriamo il cliente la nostra risorsa più importante con l’obiettivo primario di soddisfarne le esigenze attraverso l’eccellenza e la versatilità dei servizi e dei beni offerti in termini di: qualità, innovazione, tempestività e contenimento dei costi.

For more than 50 years, Quantum Design Europe has been one of the leading distributors of high-tech systems and components for research and industry. With 120 employees in 20 European countries, we offer the broadest selection with an exciting mix of suppliers from long-established corporations on the one hand and innovative start-up companies on the other.
We provide well-founded and independent advice catered to your individual requirements and see ourselves as links between highly specialized manufacturers and science. This can only work when all partners are on an equal level. Our motto is thus: “From scientists to scientists”. In line with this aspiration, all our sales and service employees have a scientific degree.
We can propose solutions for materials science, imaging, spectroscopy, photonics, nanotechnology and life science research. We can offer several instruments like Electron microscopes, from the benchtop SEM to the high-end SEM and TEM (HITACHI High-Tech), AFM, from the educational ones to the High-End platforms (Nanosurf), different solutions for Correlative Microscopy like the Raman/confocal/AFM systems (WITec), In Situ TEM Solutions (DENSsolutions), Cathodoluminescence, Crio-EM and Fast-EM (Delmic), microXRF, XAS and nanoXRM systems (Sigray), the AFSEM, that combines AFM with SEM (Quantum Design microscopy) and many more.

ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the optics and optoelectronics industries. ZEISS develops, produces and distributes measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology, eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. With its solutions, the company constantly advances the world of optics and helps shape technological progress.
ZEISS is divided up into the four segments Research & Quality Technology, Medical Technology, Vision Care/Consumer Products and Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. ZEISS is represented in over 40 countries and has more than 50 sales and service locations, upwards of 30 manufacturing sites and about 25 research and development facilities around the globe.

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