15th JUNE
SESSION 2: Advanced Materials for energy conversion and storage

Session chair: Plinio Innocenzi (University of Sassari)

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Francesco Paolucci (University of Bologna)
Title: Carbon-based hierarchical nanostructures for the electrocatalysis

Piero Torelli (CNR-IOM, Trieste)
Title: Ambient pressure soft-XAS: new applications in heterogeneous catalysis

Lixue Zhang (Qingdao University)
Title: Defect engineering of cobalt-based nanostructured electrocatalysts

Alessandra Sanson (CNR-ISTEC, Faenza)
Title: Perovskite: a unique versatile structure for energy applications

Andrea Lamberti (Politecnico Torino – IIT Torino)
Title: Advanced nanomaterials for energy harvesting and storage: the happy marriage of dye-sensitized solar cell and supercapacitors

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Stefano Agnoli (University of Padova)
Title: Exploring the Flatland of 2D materials by electrochemical STM: visualization of the active sites for the hydrogen evolution reaction with atomic scale precision

Gianmarco Enrico Griffini (Politecnico Milano)
Title: Advanced polymeric coatings in photovoltaics: accessing multifunctionality for improved device performance

Talk 1
Alessandro Facchin (University of Padova)
Title: Oxygen Reduction Reaction monitoring at Iron Single Site Catalyst: Electrochemical Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy of Iron Octaethylporphyrin

Talk 2
Emilia Paone (Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria)
Title: Spent Lithium-Cobalt batteries: efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the reductive upgrade of biomass derived furan

Talk 3
Roberto Fiorenza (University of Catania)
Title: Brookite TiO2-CeO2 composites for the VOCs oxidation and the subsequent CO2 conversion into solar fuels

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Talk 4
Sandra Doria (CNR-ICCOM, Sesto Fiorentino)
Title: Combined spectroscopic and theoretical approach to optimize the design of new organic triplet photosensitisers  for  multipurpose applications

Talk 5
Leonardo Duranti (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Title: Smart composite electrode for reversible solid oxide cells (RSOCs)

Talk 6
Alessandro Cingolani (University of Genova)
Title: Electrospinning as a tool for preparing rare earth-doped ceria nanofibers to be used in solid oxide cells

Talk 7
Silvia Mauri (IOM–CNR, Trieste)
Title: Towards the understanding of the direct methane to methanol reaction mechanism catalyzed by CeO2/CuxO nanomaterial: an operando NEXAFS study

Talk 8
Marco Piccinni (IIT, University of Genova)
Title: Synthesis and water dispersion of nickel-iron layered double hydroxides for energy storage applications

Coffe Break 15.20 - 15.45

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Talk 9
Erika Michela Dematteis (University of Torino)
Title: TiFe-substituted intermetallic for large-scale stationary hydrogen storage

Talk 10
Andrea Marchionni (CNR-ICCOM, Sesto Fiorentino)
Title: Hydrogen generation on topological materials: the case of PtSn4 and PdSn4

Talk 11
Emanuela Mastronardo (Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica, Madrid)
Title: Thermal energy storage reactor tests on Fe-doped CaMnO3

Paolo Fornasiero (University of Trieste)
Title: Challenging Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Reactions 

Talk 12
Giacomo Giorgi (University of Perugia)
Title: Electronic and Optical Features of Pb-free and 2D Halide Perovskites: Insights form first-principles