16th JUNE - Morning parallel session
SESSION 2: Advanced Materials for energy conversion and storage

Session chair:

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Talk 13
Antonella Sarcinella (University of Salento)
Title: Novel sustainable phase change material (PCM) for the energy efficiency of buildings

Talk 14
Maila Danielis (University of Udine, INSTM)
Title: Engineering Pd-CeO2 Methane conversion catalysts by solventless mechanochemical synthesis

Talk 15
Gonzalo García Espejo (University of Insubria)
Title: Controlling the structural flexibility of NDI-based organic semiconductors using C6H6N2 constitutional isomers

Talk 16
Sara Massardo (University of Genova)
Title: On the road to µ-SOFCs: high pressure structural studies of doped ceria

Talk 17
Mattia Costamagna (University of Turin, NIS-INSTM)
Title: Assessment on the environmental impact of hydrogen compression using metal hydride technology

Talk 18
Giuseppe Conte (University of Calabria)
Title: Synthesis and characterization of impregnated activated carbon for gas storage application

Talk 19
Alessandro Difalco (University of Torino, INSTM)
Title: Co-based themoelectirc Heusler alloys: synthesis, transport and magnetic properties

Coffe Break 11.00 - 11.30

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Talk 20
Jussara Barale (University of Turin, NIS-INSTM)
Title: Project Clean DronHy: a two-stage metal hydride compressor based on commercial alloy

Talk 21
Antonio Agresti (University of Roma Tor Vergata)
Title: MXenes and emerging 2D materials for perovskite-based photovoltaics

Talk 22
Deepti Raj (University of Torino)
Title: Nanoporous Gold obtained by dealloying  AuFe2 precursor – a promising low-cost electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Talk 23
Miriam Moro (University of Bologna)
Title: Nano-graphitic templates and hierarchical nanostructures in multi-functional electrocatalysts for CO2 conversion

Talk 24
Alfredo Andreoli (University of Ferrara)
Title: Nanostructured Germanium as anodic material for Lithium-Ion batteries

Lunch 13.00 - 14.00